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Tax Lien Services


Quantum Realty Management, LLC, has been actively involved in the purchase, administration, and management of tax lien and REO portfolios for over 10 years.  In consort with our clients, we develop custom buying strategies that allow us to utilize our many years of experience in most major markets. Many tax lien investors are reluctant to take title to the under lying Real Estate that is secured by their liens.  Quantum has consistently demonstrated the ability to make REO a true asset to any portfolio. From portfolio analysis to rehab and rental management services, Quantum provides a unique variety of high quality services that allows tax lien buyers to maximize the value of their portfolios.


Market Analysis / Due Diligence


After initial consultations with clients to determine their objectives, Quantum provides specific information relating to state and local tax lien auctions. Markets vary from State to State and from County to County therefore we can advise clients where and how to bid, to maximize the best possible return while always keeping risk to an acceptable level.

Once markets and budgets have been determined, a recommended due diligence plan is developed and implemented.  Our field service personnel provide specific parcel inspections to determine the quality, and marketability of each potential lien. We have extensive proprietary and historical data, in most markets we bid in. This allows us to buy, and market liens in many areas that many institutional buyers cannot.

Most, if not all, “problem liens” can be avoided by doing high quality diligence.  Quantum’s team of inspectors are highly trained and have many years of real estate experience.  We emphasize to keep “Marketability” at the forefront of their evaluations.


Auction Services


Our bidders are the most highly trained and experienced in the business. They know the various auctions systems and have the discipline to execute client based instructions.  We enter each auction with the most detailed information available. We audit each auction in a way that allows us to identify market trends in each local market.


The main benefit our clients receive is the ability to count on Quantum Realty Management for consistency year after year on their investments.